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Let’s Level Up 326, Clash of Clans Ruined? – Clash of Clans

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  1. lv326 loser

  2. Donating over and over and over.. It's boring. Levels don't matter in this game man.

  3. I would like to have this guy in my clan hahahaha!!!


  5. Hey, how much time do you spend just donating

  6. supercell needs to ban his stupid ass, how many war donations has he fucked up with his bullshit spamming donations, we know ur rich u asian fuck, get the fuck out of coc

  7. where you from man your voice is cool

  8. Can u join my clan "devil_rocks"

  9. Q- why and what are you levelling up for. And how many lel u want to go

  10. Nasa

  11. Whats clan it's you

  12. U joined a Chinese clan??

  13. HI BRANDON why do you love to donate so much

  14. Please subscribe to my channel.

  15. do you enjoyed this game with gems only,is it fun to play..??? im sure is not

  16. nice videos brandon

  17. idiots… dont care about peoples using xmods…. get a life.. its their choice…

  18. y dont u join a req and leav clan and donate!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  19. A. Why do u change clans so much.It is very hard to find you and check your base.