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Let’s Level Up 330, Almost 6 Million Troops Donated – Clash of Clans

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  1. Brandon top générale please ?

  2. Thank you for answer me BRANDON!!!

  3. Your italian is so funny hahaha! Good video Bran:D(as always)

  4. I found someone who is level 323

  5. Fuck you brandon

  6. The best player in Clash Of Clans ^_^ Can You Tell Me Is Someone Who's Higher Than You?My Friend Bet That (Alex) Is The335 Level.Please Tell Me Is This True?

  7. Damn… And I thought my 45k troops donated was a lot…

  8. haanz claims he doesnt donate giants…. my friend caught him doing so… MODDER

  9. CQOTD: Will you ever become a staff member of a REQ N GTFO clan?

  10. Hi Brandon, even if I'm italian, I love watching your videos. It's also a good way to learn english. Btw, in your opinion wich is the best troop in CoC? By and MEOW!?

  11. play racing rivals it's very addictive just like clash it actually pulled me away right as I got lvl loons I still have it on my phone just not constant playing anymore

  12. wtf! how do you get that 90,00 gems!!!!!!!!!

  13. Brandon, your not wasting your time at all. As long you are enjoying your life, that's all that matters.

  14. hey brandon how do you get money you dont have a job do you live from youtube money

  15. I wouldn't compare you to DaVinci, but oh well.

  16. DO A [email protected]@

  17. brandom whats the Name Song?

  18. lol the very first question and the opinion about da vinci was irrelevant.. da vinci was a doctor, architect engineer and an artist, he didnt sit back every day and paint, he rarely finished a painting..

  19. Hi Brandon! Do you have a Playstation, xBox or Pc games? Hello from Austria. My real name Florian ;)

  20. Why not donnate dark spell all request ?

  21. hey Brandon y don't u start donating spell


  23. Halts maul

  24. Hi Brandon! Did u join any clan war always?

  25. what name your clan brandon ?

  26. I like your video
    why dont u donate spells??

  27. Are u going to upgrade to th 11 brandon