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Let’s Level Up 347, My Favorite TownHall Level? – Clash of Clans

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  1. Mine is zaizoe?

  2. Hi brandon, which clasher do you have more respect towards in the game of clash?

  3. Hey Brandon? You don't you collect the loot from your treasury even if it's full!

  4. Dear Brandon, Are you scared for the future of donating? Let me explain 😀 Soon enough if you decide to goto level 500 you will need 200,000 XP PER LEVEL! That is just so much XP do you think you could actually do it? P.S. Great Videos man!

  5. Great vid!

  6. bookmark #9VUCCO9L townhallsnipers. drop troops anytime.

  7. or make a clan

  8. brandon why don't u have a account give a way

  9. TH8 is definitely my favourite

  10. Hahah that voice change got me laughing Brandon!! I love your videos man!!

  11. Hi Bradon do u ever get nominated by Super cell? And will u play clash royale

  12. Brandon, why did you upgrade your giants to level 7 when it came out? If you didn't upgrade, you would've saved so much elixir now.

  13. I don't know if anyone ever asked supercell for that, but wouldn't it be cool to have another ranking list with the highest levels in game? If you like the ideas and somehow can give it to supercell, it would be great! Thanks

  14. Hey Brandon, what would you would do if i became president?

  15. 😀 nice 347

  16. I Love TH9 but Ive never had a TH10 or 11 haha :)

  17. Hey Brandon when u lvl up why does the screen always move a bit to top left? Why not stay still when pause the screen showing ur Lvl thx for answering

  18. How many hours do you spend on clash?

  19. When is your birthday?

  20. Meow Brandon do you like doing wars in your main th11 account? and if u do, can u please do war videos?

  21. Brandon why do you gem up troops,fill up elixir storages and spam giants in donations? Haanz is leveling up without giants!!! Are you just trying to hold the world record for highest level again? You should know he's aiming for lvl 500,if you are going to compete with him….good luck!!!!!

  22. Is lvl 347 a nice number too? I mean 3+4=7

  23. What do you think about Clash Royale?

  24. 4:22 Damn, one gem off a certain number.

  25. @Matt I do it all the time. I have a really thick accent and wonder what everyone else thinks about it…

  26. Thanks Brandon :)

  27. Hi from Norway Brandon! my question is: what do you think is the best way of lvl up the heroes? is it 5 lvls at a time, or is it every other lvl, or what method do you prefeer?

  28. AT what level do you think you stop leveling up. Much Love. MEOW keep up the great vids man.

  29. Hey Brandon how much do you love Comic Sans font?

  30. Hey Brandon! So, Remember me now? We were talking on The 200 Club! Im TobiaS_ I think you know me because u awser me alot in ur vids 🙂 Love You Brandon ❤️❤️ Likeeee

  31. omg !!!

  32. Hey Brandon,
    Why does every time if you show your new level the screen go down a bit?

    Keep ip the great vids!
    Greets Holland.

  33. Hi Brandon, will you ever play Clash Royale? Thx.

  34. Hey Brandon! Question: Do you ever get bored of donating?

  35. Hey Brandon, I was wondering what devices do you use and how do you record the footage :)

  36. Hi Brandon, why don't you donate spells when you're getting xp? I think it would make it quite a bit easier.

  37. #YLC9JCU8

  38. How do U use the bookmarking while donating? I mean which clans do U use? Friends' clan, found a clan and thought u want to try this clan later too?

  39. question: why do you suck so much, Brandon?

  40. Hey Brandon r u the only one player of COC to level 340+????

  41. hey I'm a new sub an really like your videos and I'm really impressed you are level 347. I'm level 108, if you ever want to donate some troops to the clan I'm in its OURKINGWILLRISE. My account names TB. Keep up the good videos:))

  42. Brandon how much money have you spent overall buying all those gems to donate with?

  43. boring, boring, xD. but good video!!!

  44. omg!

  45. Do u know u made tons of people donate like u

  46. Do u think u will ever push again

  47. Music link plzz

  48. Q: Why don't you level up anymore by destroying a TH like you did in the past? 🙂 Love from Belgium!

  49. Hi How long do you spend a day donating?