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Lets Play Clash of Clans!! ep.1The begining of Awesomness

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  1. Do U Remember Me My Name Was xXSpirit23Xx?

  2. UR good account joined 3 musketeers its a good clan JOIN IT PEOPLE its brand new with war record 3-0

  3. I'm not in a clan

  4. first i need to farm to get a castel

  5. is it only u

  6. ok can u make a clan

  7. whene are u going to make a new vid?

  8. what hapend to ur first account super nerdy

  9. tell me ur clan name plz

  10. I'm missing school I have a coled

  11. what is or clan called

  12. thx nice vid by the way

  13. I dident now urn voice can I come back to or clan and noise voise