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Let’s Play Clash of Clans! (Ep. #68)

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  1. no way to farm in th9 with barbarian and archers.´╗┐

  2. Wow Chief Pat. You know what is the reason of not finding collector bases? It is not giving opponent's a shield and that's why we see no dead bases. You chief pat you did same too. Clash of clans players are killing their own farming.´╗┐

  3. I'm max th8 except for walls and de troops but I just upgraded my golems and only hav Valkyries left n I'm not finding farming de hard because if a th9 attack me they would get max 2000 de but would hav to give me a shield of 12 hours and since you can attack through shields now I get min 1000 per attack on th8s using gowipe but giants instead of golems to save de and since I can attack 3 times during a 12 hour shield, which means 3000-4000 de; I am able to make a profit out of it so ya???´╗┐

  4. town hall 9/11.´╗┐

  5. Farming down in bronze 1 is amazing I am a th 7 and I only have to search 1 time to get 300000 gold and elixir and they are easy th 5s and merry Christmas´╗┐

  6. Your right I am A th8 getting raided by th9s and they take like 1.2k dark elixir, so I gave up on trying to get my golems upgraded ?´╗┐

  7. At th8 it's not easy to find a good amount of resources but in silver iii or even bronze I its easier´╗┐

  8. At th8 it's not easy to find a good amount of resources but in silver iii or even bronze I its easier´╗┐

  9. im finding dead bases left and right and over fist´╗┐

  10. Th9 ans NEVER found any dead base since the update droped. Searched everywhere from 900 to 1600´╗┐

  11. I don't attack anymore I save up clan war loot for my upgrades. it's not worth attacking anymore´╗┐

  12. One more episode until you win!!!´╗┐

  13. Ever since the th11 update I have found absolutely no loot. I just got to th9 after maxing out at th8 and I am around 1500 trophies and have found no loot. Any suggestions on where to go because I fear I might have to quit the game because I am just not having fun not being able to farm. Any trophy ranges that are working for you?´╗┐

  14. Farming for th 9 is hard if you want all the loot you have to train up an army that cost 250k or even 300k elixer your hitting next for at least 20 minutes that cost about 100 to 200k for gold and the de farming is almost impossible to do bc once u get a decent amount some d-bag ends up taking 2k or 3k de it's just hard to save up for those big upgrades´╗┐

  15. te verdienen*´╗┐

  16. Nice!! hoe krijgt hij het voor mekaar om ALTIJD zo veel buit verdient´╗┐

  17. im sorry all of you babies dont want to explore the trophy ranges to find loot…farming is fine´╗┐

  18. Stop bullshitting Pat. Just because you get so incredibly lucky with your th8 doesn't mean everyone else is as well. In fact, most of us at th8 can't find any villages worth attacking without having spent a lot of time looking through them. But th9's get to constantly attack mine and steal 250k+ elixir (I'm a th8, my elixir storages are constantly almost maxed), a fuckton of gold if i forget to use it to upgrade my walls, and 2k+ dark elixir. I haven't been able to get 10k dark elixir in 2 weeks to upgrade my king to lvl 10, still stuck at 38k´╗┐

  19. No good bases for th9 at 2300 trophies. Most bases have 100k gold´╗┐

  20. I'm finding so many dead bases in silver 2 – 15 a day!!!´╗┐