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Let’s Play Clash of Clans! (Ep. #69)

Clash of Clans FREE GEMS! – Episode 69 of Let’s Play Clash of Clans is here! Watch me progress throughout Clash of Clans, …


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  1. Keep Up The Good Work/ Helmo, living side What do you think… 1!

  2. I am 6 trophies away from him and I can't find that loot!

  3. make a clan

  4. Hi

  5. i managed to find 2, 1 million loot raid and both only searched for 2 to 5 times in 1 day

  6. I am constantly playing this game. I am hooked. I sometimes wish it wouldn't take so long to build things though. Waiting 7 days for something to build… yawwwwnnn Still the game is addicting.

  7. Should they add a laboratory boost so ur tropps can upgrade faster?

  8. 69 8)

  9. im farming in masters 3 as a semi th9 working on walls u find a dead base about every 6-40 searches and i got 80k de in 7 days

  10. Ik ur not going for elixir but when u past that up I get so upset because I can't find bases like that anymore.

  11. Can somebody help me I don t now how to rearm bombs and traps. I have th 11.

  12. استمر

  13. 69? heheheh

  14. wtf???thattownhall11loot

  15. Mi sono iscritto ricambi?

  16. 50% of comments: 69 episode xD
    50% of comments: Some other shit

  17. #69 lets gooooo

  18. Hello YouTube! I have made a new clan and I'm in need of your help. The clan is Laker Union, and my name is Chief Lazy. We are trying to boost numbers to start a war. If you would like please check us out. Again that is Laker Union and my name is Chief Lazy. ( Promotions are earned by trust so please don't ask)

  19. oh god 69

  20. Why do you upgrade those expensive traps instead of your archer towers? They're all at lvl 9

  21. Do whit à facecam

  22. join my clan Inst snipercat99 is the leader

  23. I can not find such raids :((((

  24. Legit and legal

  25. Will you please play Clash Of Lords 2?

  26. 69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  27. Guys, it's funny how Galadon and you both uploaded a video about farming at the same time. Farming sucked during a month after the update came out, and it's been a few days now since I think I find more and more dead bases. Is it possible that Supercell put back dead bases on one of the last maintenance that we had? :)

  28. If you want loot, get goblins

  29. 69…

  30. How is you defence for the base you've got? many 3 starts ?

  31. how do u keep finding these bases i hav seen like 1 dead base after the update!

  32. Did anyone else not notice it was a 1 gem boost for everything and just resources?

  33. man i miss being able to barch

  34. what happened to hey what's up guys its patrick here aka chiefpat

  35. Patrick make a let's play clan farming clan you know you share replays and i look how to get ez loot. Plzz do it i Wonna join it Then

  36. Did supercell do something about the loot? I've been getting A LOT more bases with good loot and even some dead bases. I know it won't last but it's incredible

  37. hey guys I'm new to this and I have one video up and it would mean alot if you could just come check it out I know its not going to be good but just check it out of you get a chance I would appreciate it alot thank you if you do check it out:)


  39. HAHAHA 69!!!
    everyone in the comments is so mature

  40. I am glad you including time for searching now. Therefor have a like.

  41. Chief pat. Thank you. I have heard clashtronauts are modders but i know you talk with jake. You are a great guy. The fairplay/modding argument is similar to the jedi/sith debate. The sith/modders are both tempting forms of striving for more power that won't get it. I hope clashtronauts can realize it.