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Let’s Play Clash of Clans! (Ep. #71)

Clash of Clans FREE GEMS! – Episode 71 of Let’s Play Clash of Clans is here! Watch me progress throughout Clash of Clans, …


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  1. clash of clans is dead, it's all about that clash royale hype ?

  2. Once you get to th9 you absolutely need to heavy batch so you might as well start soon because it's really important for resources

  3. He filmed this pre update

  4. join new clan fun with banter BulldogBreed clan tag Q229GC82 any lol welcome

  5. no they dont

  6. Bu adam clashın yetkililerindenmi birisi açıklasın :D

  7. As a new th10 loot doesn't exist. I have to skip 100s of times before I find something worth of deploying a full army. Not an expensive army, Hound balloons and minions and all spells .

  8. Lucky I can't find s***

  9. Dang I wish I had loot like that

  10. Why do u do clash roll at I hate it

  11. I just got my pekka lvl 3 a few days ago….

  12. we want a plan base for town 7 pliize and a strategy for attacking

  13. This is the old update ?


  15. Anyone still finding it hard to get lot? i have 3 spare builders doing nothing because I have now gold, any tips???? :/

  16. you make it so easy to find dead bases, ive found only 1 or 2 in the past few months

  17. Nice video plz keep this series going unlike you did on chief pat 2 :)

  18. love this series

  19. lol when he went to th8 i was a fresh th7 and now iam in th9 as a maxed th8 including walls and cc lab dark barracks 2 xbows and spell factory done and queen to llv 3 as well

  20. for the second raid instead of saying 1mil he said 1 billion lol

  21. This is the youtube comments section. here u will find..

    20% copy paste comments

    10% song name comments

    10% replying "Darude sandstorm" on song name comments

    10% retards

    5% hate comments

    5% nice comments

    39% comments lost in the comment section

    and 1% of long comments like this

    welcome to youtube.

  22. I find amazing loot above 1500 and I am around the same level as you pat

  23. Dead bases at th9 are nonexistent in silver-gold league

  24. Play more clash royale lets play

  25. this is before the update

  26. Keep up the good work pat

  27. Who is playing COC right now?

  28. #GavuraDisLike

  29. dead bases are not fully back