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Let’s Play Clash of Clans! (Ep. #74)

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  1. hey check out my clash of clan videos

  2. Why don't you just stream on Twitch like the whole rest of the gamer community does?

  3. Clash of Clans pickup line: Hey girl, can I hammer your defenses with my Giants?

  4. took me a while but i liked the video with my forehead

  5. Mooooorrrreeeee video let's play!!!

  6. hey Pat, put a +99 trophies in the thumbnail next time to make it more credible?

  7. +PlayClashOfClans CHEIF PAT PLZ RESPOND I HAVE A REALLY REALLY REALY REAAAAALY GOOD IDEA FOR CLASH OF CLANS PLZ TELL SUPERCELL TO ADD IT IN. so i was thinking, you know how base design isnt really explained and players have trouble with base design and looking up on youtube is good but players know how to destroy the base and you dont really gain any knownlege? well i was thinking almost like btd sandbox freeplay mode on pc, when creating a base in the base layout design thing. you can use sandbox troops to test against your base design. ONLY IN BASE LAYOUT. i think this would be great to test out base designs and players get to gain some knowledge about the game easier. i was also thinking of a cut and paste option or copy option. for ex, you have 150 walls and used 50 in a line and you want to do another 50 you know have 100. (yes i know there is the drag a line option but it can be a pain when creating a base) you just copy the 50 walls paste in another spot and it uses that same ammout and than you have your other 50 walls this can go for other buildings to like mines, pumps, defenses etc. etc. the cut and paste would be good to move the whole base and also a rotate option so you dont have to rearrange your whole base (this would be good for rotating southeren teaser bases). also i think it would be really cool to add group chats and pm so you can talk to friends outside of clan and global chat, player search would also be cool because searching for clans just for players is a pain. plz respond i hope you like these ideas and will inform supercell if you agree with these ideas. thanks :)

  8. Did I hear BajanCanadian at the end?

  9. You are lucky :)

  10. ?

  11. plz me join you clanz

  12. Can I join ur clan on clash of clans pat I am a th9 about to be a th10

  13. Pro tip: don't sound like you've won the lottery during the entirety of the video, it gets boring

  14. Nice vid pat

  15. Can you stream on twitch because me and probably most of other mobile users do not like the formatting and find that twitch is much easier to use

  16. Patrick,ur videos is absolutely incredible!


  18. انا عراقي HAIL ALLAH!

  19. Woah a new game…


  20. lol at that diss to Billy Mays, diss track coming soon?

  21. is it just me, or is pat trying to sound cool and epicly failing?

  22. good llet

  23. Patric how can you find these dead bases i search for ages in i cant find any dead base plase tell me how

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  25. nice

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  27. Your the best

  28. Under 100 like crew!!!

  29. who like video i love and who love reply ??

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  33. why not stream on twitch?


  35. Cool looking

  36. "Clash is dead" piss off, PLEASE. Clash is doing fine you fooooooools.

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  40. lol

  41. Fuck off,Pat

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  47. Try dragons loons minions.

  48. Hi pat :P

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