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Let’s Play Clash of Clans! (Ep. #75)

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  1. GO BACK TO CHEIF PAT 2. I love that account. Like if you agree

  2. dislike for bases you found .. i spent 30 min searching and i just foud at least 200 k and they are in storage

  3. go for th9 plz

  4. Maybe you can farm the walls in Streams, and bring back the Chief Pat 2 Account in the lets play and then when the walls are finished you swap them again or lets play them at the same Time =)

  5. ✌out

  6. 5:23 "5 towers on that archer tower"

  7. What's with the trophies?

  8. use this account for th9

  9. keep it TH8 for wars

  10. Move up to town hall 9

  11. stay where you are and keep getting those upgrades. im really close to where you are right now and this lets play is really helping me out.

  12. Should I try getting my king to level 5

  13. r.i.p. clash of clans
    happy birthday clash royale

  14. Upgrade to th9 not maxed, I did it for th7 and I was so bored for the 7 upgrading days!

  15. 5:22 "5 towers on that archer tower", Indeed

  16. Upgrade this account to th9, me and some people probebly wants to see how IT is to start fresh AS a th 9. :)

  17. Go to th9 on this acc

  18. Idea: Go to town hall 9

  19. Keep on going to th 9!
    It's gonna be a heck lotta fun

  20. Max it out

  21. Grind your walls and see how painful it is.

  22. Make it town hall level 9

  23. Chief pat can you please make war videos on your main account?