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Let’s Play Clash of Clans! (Ep. #76)

Clash of Clans FREE GEMS! – Episode 76 of Let’s Play Clash of Clans is here! Watch me progress throughout Clash of Clans, …


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  1. ha

  2. Did he still attacked the elexir pumps as his storage was full?

  3. Do the single player levels

  4. Is anyone else starting to get board of clash? If u are like me I just found this new game called real fantasy RPG and it is really fun. I am having a blast playing it

  5. Can this be top comment for no reason

  6. #Pat use 3 lighting spells because u don't need slider right now, it will help u out! And plz join my clan; is called LEGEND HUNTERS

  7. anybody could give me a free account town hall level 8 plz

  8. thank god finally a clash of clans video!!!!!

  9. On the subject of TH8 clan wars, with dragons, lvl 3 you can pretty much blast an air defence, and face role dragons everywhere, and your assured 2 stars pretty much 

  10. Nice job Pat, some nice loot as ever.

  11. I was the 666th like ???

  12. Me also had idea: What if you maxed out your th8 and 9 accs, then made them solely for war. You could also join like a pretty hardcore war clan similar to Onehive so you could get some input from the war community, and share their concerns as well (I.e JakeOH).

  13. do wars on both accounts. I'd like to see how u do

  14. Yay, I got mentioned on the youtubes!

  15. ✌out

  16. Chief Pat? Clash Of Clans? Nahhh

  17. You should have a maxed out 8,9,10 and 11 account for the fans who are currently at one of those townhalls can see what each th looks like maxed.

  18. Make a clan

  19. plss join a clan

  20. I have a maxed TH8 account and in wars, Hogs with a small kill squad and heals are OP

  21. Nice video pat

  22. more clash of clans!

  23. U should do a 1 hour Long video when we reach episode 80

  24. anyone here wanna see a new YouTube be clash of clans and clash Royale biggest noob? Well come watch the gamer bros you're boonies clash of clans and Royale player ever (yup this is how im promoting myself

  25. شبيب11؟

  26. this whole clash things dying down, won't pay the bills forever

  27. I hate being in top. No liking this comment! JUST DON' T DO THAT I SAID

  28. Pat I really like this series and I want you to max it out. I also like geming to max series on clash Royal. Also you have done some amazing videos lately so keep it up! :)

  29. join us clan WaR PulsE level 4, plz plz

  30. YEA IT'S PAT???

  31. You should fully max out th8 while keeping us entertained by trophy pushing or wars