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Let’s Talk Clash – Update and Future – Clash of Clans

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  1. I even started doing boom beach cuz if ur troop doesn't die they come back to the army camps´╗┐

  2. I agree %100
    as for gods of olympus how can I download it on android´╗┐

  3. can you do a war recap? (Snowcap vs red elite)´╗┐

  4. They should make every troop have a limit of stats based on number. Basically if you use more then a specific number of one troop in an attack its stats should drop. So every troop has its good stats until too many are loaded in your camps to eliminate the one troop attacks´╗┐

  5. Clanmates ftw.´╗┐

  6. I play clash royal while troops cook but even that game comes to a stop if your not gemming I agree with interaction with clan mates now is more on 3ed party app eg line then in game no real reason to stay online I personally think we need faster wars as no real practice between wars farming/pushing ain't strong bases so not same as war.´╗┐

  7. They won't even let us use our heroes in war while they are upgrading. It is pretty clear that the clash team gives exactly zero fucks about the playability of their game. They have their market share and they are happy to sit on it.´╗┐

  8. I agree 100% with everything you said. My 2 biggest issues are the lack of variety in attacks and the build time for higher end army compositions. Everyone uses the same attacks in war and its just getting tiresome. The nerf of one troop and the buff of another is also frustrating in my opinion…not to mention, like you said in your video, the uselessness of certain troops when it comes to war. More variety is needed for sure. I love the game just like you. I just hope they open their eyes before it's to late. Enjoying the videos my man. Keep up the good work.´╗┐

  9. Wow… this guy makes really sense!!!´╗┐

  10. I believe the gw is the reason spam attacks are viable. The advantage is too large not to have every troop in one spot close to him.

    I think one large issue with Coc is u have one community, pushers and another community war minded. Pushers want 2 star balance and war guys want 3 star balance. It is impossible to please both groups. I think that one fix for this is to give everyone the sandbox feature, practice, for war attacks. It gives the advantage in wars for 3 star potential to the whole community while still making it tough in multi for pushers and also removes the advantage to having mods.

    Good vid Aronos´╗┐

  11. It's really good ideas that you mantians on your video and as clashers this what we're looking for in this game´╗┐

  12. Btw, that one v one quick attack thing would be incredible. Great idea!´╗┐

  13. The minions name is Leeroy Jenkins.´╗┐

  14. Lol overkill on minion in the beginning´╗┐