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LEVEL 1 BASE VS MAXED WITCHES! – Clash of Clans – So Much Overkill!

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  1. must create a defence fr miner… what's ur thought about this?

  2. CQOTD: why do u have your YouTube channel named MYSTLC7 and not witelightningHWD?

  3. Can I join your clan please

  4. I luv ur intro

  5. mystic ur videos are fun man

  6. I book marked both of your clans

  7. you said for 1 mil u would tell us what HWD means. what does it mean

  8. You should do the one mill on June 11th that's my b-day

  9. It's funny how some people have 6 placks because they have second channels

  10. can I join your clan please and text back

  11. CQOTD: Are you going to day a CQOTD on your next video

  12. Luv ya

  13. try the bowler, now that he's been buffed maybe he is good

  14. 9:15 ??


  16. Pls stay in 1 clan

  17. Ways tic pls stay in one clan

  18. CQOTD- what does witelightinghwd stand for ( said in a video when u hit 1mil subs you would tell us)

  19. What the hwd mean wite

  20. CQOTD: Do you believe in God? And if so or if not do u support gay marriage? P.s ily

  21. "Fuck you wite" – BlackThunderHWD 2016

  22. CQOTD: Can you sumarize all 4 of your highschool years into one cqotd ?

  23. CQOTD: Will you ever make a subscriber clan ? In Clash of clans or clash Royale ? And if so when ? BTW Love your vids ❤️

  24. You should do maxed Valkyrie attack for all that loot in crystals league

  25. Can I join your clan I'm a really big FAN and I watch all your latest vids is know the name so and if you do open it my name is Big Al

  26. I think that drvip is supposed to spelled Dr VIP???, love your vids by the way

  27. CQOTD: what was the highlight of your graduation

  28. Not level one!!! Grand Warden is level 5!!!! Liar!!!!

  29. U should try doing a season from scratch

  30. wait i missed what the HWD means….

  31. Hope you had a good Memorial Day Wite (:

  32. so basically if we are reviving it to kill it does it make it Jon Snow?

  33. Stop playing coc for ffs

  34. Were early so he might reply WOOO

  35. I need sum duck

  36. Does he have a lisp or is it me

  37. i wanted ask u about cloning the barbarian king

  38. june 10 is when i get out of school

  39. 10+ YEARS?!?

  40. been waiting for this ily

  41. CQOTD – Where will you go to College ? , just Saw your Highschool graduation on Snapchat , it was cool !

  42. yes

  43. mystcl7 let me join your clan

  44. CQOTD: Can you PLEASE make a playlist or just tell us what all the songs are that you use as background music in your vids?

  45. CQOTD: Will you ever do an animation?