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Level 11 Grand Warden – Let’s Clash #197 (Day 456-462)

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  1. Titan 2

  2. Hey Brandon why don't you play on castle clash? Its an awesome game? :-)

  3. Hi Brandon,
    When are you gonna farm hardcore again ? ;)

  4. watching this make me cringe abit idk why

  5. Hey Brandon, I am at TH10, but everything is on TH8 levels ( Have a X-Bow, but only one and no Inferno's). I wanted to ask you if you have any tips for me on how I could farm my resources, because my King and Queen are very low too (Level 10 King, Level 4 Queen). I try to Barch on Silver 1/Gold 3 atm, but I guess there is a better way to farm in my case.
    Thanks for any help/advice. :)

  6. inşallah hesabin banlanir oç

  7. How you record with iPad?

  8. Nice keep up this series.


  10. can u give me a coc account th 9 or above for free plz

  11. Yes do more content

  12. Hey Brandon can you do a gift card give away?

  13. Hey brand, what troops do u use for defense?

  14. brandon in champion 3 :200k each in champoin 2 :225 k each im champion 1 250k each

  15. Huh, kind of stopped watching the series at around day 300, watching it again and its ridiculous to see the progress Brandon has made.

  16. Im sure your used to hearing it but your my legit rolemodel on clash. I noticed your level in the top 200 once and ive watched your progress. It would be great if you could make a video of tips for people to improve their standings. Keep up the great work.

  17. good one

  18. most of the youtuber r doing that brandon
    but u don't do it
    plz don't

  19. I'd rather have just Coc but hey it's your channel ????????

  20. hey brandon can u teach us how to lavaloon

  21. Brandon! This is my actual GoValks army, its work me a lot. I was farming with lavaloon and i change to GoValks and its work me very good. Army: 1Golem, 11Valks, 4 healer, 6 giants, 7 wallbrackers, 4 wizards and 4 archers. Spells: 2 rage, 1 healing, 1 jump and 1 freeze. Think it could work to you. I have lvl 22king and 23queen and i 3star max th10. I hope you like it, see u in next video. Have fun ??

  22. how do you have so many high level accounts?

  23. pls don't play pokemon go this game is stupid!

  24. I would enjoy it more than farming

  25. upgrade mastino lavico,sgherri,giants,ballon,ecc

  26. upgrade barbaro,sorvegliante

  27. i got to th9 about a month ago, and i want to know what is a good attack combo. i am using 4 pekkas, 12 wizards and 7 valkyries, two heal spells and two rage spells, and one earthquake. my king is level 9 and my queen is level 3. im currently farming for my first xbow and the barracks upgrade/pekka upgrade and queen upgrade, then valk. the pekkas are level 1, wizards are 5 and valks are 1