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Level 18 Warden, Journey to Max Town Hall 11 #15 – Clash of Clans

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  1. :D

  2. Hi Brandon it seems to me that you are talking too fast. I personally do not think so but while I was watching this video my mom told me that you talks super fast. May be you better slow down a little bit

  3. Oolık

  4. very good

  5. hi brandon, nice video as always , i just want to say that why do you speak like you are debating, i mean u can laugh and can change the tone of your voice,, lol u r allowed to buddy!!

  6. Hey Brandon would u be interested in an Easter Giveaway I am organizing with a bunch of other youtubers?

  7. dude, u need to update your profile pic to level 356 :D

  8. Brandon upgrade your minions as your th11 wouldn't be maxed without level 7 minions meowwww

  9. clach royal is so boring

  10. why do you not upgread your minions? i mean if you dont upgread them its not a maxed out th11

  11. Nice video, keep it up.

  12. روعه اخويه

  13. So happy not a clash Royal video

  14. ????

  15. nice vid

  16. 50 views already wow

  17. 3rd

  18. 3

  19. 2

  20. First