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LEVEL 6 HOG GUIDE [Queen Walk + GoVaHo Strategy for Th10] in Clash Of Clans

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  1. Hope to hit 50k subscribers this year 😀 Every subscriber counts in my book!

  2. Ash, your th10s need to change their layouts. They are using th9 style bases at th10, which does not work at all at th10/11

  3. ash you like Nintendo well it would be cool to see some videos of nentendo games (and Sony 8f you like them)

  4. Who else clicked off as soon as they realized it wasn't a clash royale vid

  5. thank you ash for not quiting clash , man many youbers just don't care about clash of clans no more , hope you still do alot

  6. 1nd

  7. I love these strategy videos, they're so entertaining.

  8. third

  9. great guide thanks ash!! I'm trying to organize a clash royale tournament with my friends and what is the easiest way to record/stream that. i have a Android phone and PC thanks!!!

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