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Level Up Grand Warden – Let’s Clash #188 (Day 393-399)

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  1. Brandon what is the best strategy to farm dark in th 9 btw nice videos!

  2. Best series

  3. could you take some fail attacks too. it looks like you dont fail ever

  4. Lol why cant u just max ur barch so it will be easier to attack u fuckin retard

  5. Hey brandon i have been watching your videos for a long time right now. And i absolutly love them, keep up the good work!

  6. Hey Brandon, do u have a new mic?

  7. Good Work Today Brandon…Q are u ever going to make an Intro? **/ meoww

  8. Hey Brandon, is it hard to farm in master league? and whats your opinion on the best league to farm in? keep up the great videos!!

  9. Hey brandon if you had $100,000 to spend what would you spend it on?

  10. Brandon why don't you play Clash Royale

  11. hey Brandon when will u start playing war in brandon3 and second question how did u max out ur Archer Queen in the defenseless account is it by gemming ? plz answer this questions bro.

  12. Hey brandon! Will you quit coc after upgrading everything

  13. Hey Brandon will you quit CoC after maxing out everything?

  14. Why not upgrade your troops

  15. hey brandon will u quit coc after maxing everything? :D

  16. Good Day Brandon. Nice Videos Keep it up. I just wonder why don't you use your old farming Strategy, BAM?

  17. Notification Squad

  18. ☺

  19. 5th

  20. Hello Brandon! Meowowoowowowwow!

  21. hi

  22. Nice videos Brandon☺️ Q: why don't you play clash royale? Meow

  23. 2