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Live Attack #28: GoVaHo (LiveStream with IRONMAN)

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  1. clutch

  2. wow that was close buddy

  3. senin balına sokayım ona bi 3 lemek öle

  4. That was the most stressful video I've ever watched!!! I was like freaking out getting a headache waiting for it to end! What a lucky break

  5. Really nice, no modding live attakk with lots of suspense !!!!! Oh, and a superheroe as well

  6. Beautiful, great friend!!!!! :D

  7. I'm a big fan of Valks and GoVaHo. I have lvl 2 Valks and a lvl 15 AQ. At what point would you recommend upgrading the Valks to lvl 3? I've been trying to pace myself with DE troop upgrades and the heroes. Currently I have lvl 2 witches, lvl 4 Golems and lvl 5 Hogs. I was thinking about upgrading my Valks once my heroes are both 15/15 or 20/20. Thoughts???

  8. PB, just a tip for you. Deploy barbarian king after enemy CC has triggered onto your golems, he'll stay alive much longer

  9. hahahahaha Hilarious man!!!! … and with Iron Man as guest!! hahaha funny!

  10. the bad guys must be swearing ..

  11. LOL. Nice attack Pb. I felt nervous when I watch this video.

  12. You lucky awesome bastard lol

  13. Do you have an email to be contacted on?

  14. That was so Awesome!!!!

  15. That was epic!

  16. Lmao good shit PB!!

  17. Holy shit suspense!

  18. HI mate got a question, I am a TH 9 ATM and have my golems and hogs max as well as all my normal barrack troops, should I upgrade my valks, witches or hounds. All going to 2 or my heroes which are both lvl 10?


  20. Why don't you stream on Twitch?