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Live Attack #32 Feat. SaRRIS11 – Queen Charge GoHo

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  1. you really deserve more subs man

  2. Echo and Voice = 3 Star Confirmed ?

  3. dude cameron.byrne used to be in my clan lmao real surprised to see him in a vid of yours but pretty cool that one of my guys is matched against you

  4. Spoiler alert from 5:30 hahah. Nice attack, enjoyed this one really lot :)

  5. Great work and attack more wonderful i liked it so much live attack

  6. What an awesome attack. I love how it's planned out, and goes exactly to plan. Do you guys use now to track wars, or something else? If you do can you show us the top attackers in your roster?

  7. pb why did you have walkable double bombs this war?

  8. Should of went in with all Valks

  9. PB audio become low and low every day ……….will you please make it little bit louder?

  10. Hay PB. In last couple of video i think the volume is a little low. Please up the volume a little bit.

  11. This was great! Be sweet to see more of these featured live attacks, thanks Pb

  12. The echo and the fact that he's from near Greece made Sarris sound like Zeus.

  13. I'm from Greece !!!!!

  14. Need to fix that audio. I'm surprised you posted this video with this terrible problem. Couldn't even watch it.

  15. Power bang plz make more queen walk videos like this one.

  16. SaRRIS11 is from Cyprus and I'm from Lebanon so I was born really close to where he is from!

  17. Awesome seeing some fellow greek players smashing it

  18. Wait God plays clash too? ?

  19. Hit us with the remix sarris ?

  20. Luke, I will do a Queen walk….. Just kidding, it was a helpful video! Thanks!

  21. do your clan use mood?

  22. Hey Powerbang, I see you started a new calibration clan with matty, WHF Rising2. What are the plans for that clan and what will the requirements be?

  23. this attack was legit, should do more of these

  24. Nice attack Space man ☺☺☺

  25. A friend of mine that is in PWC told me you guys warred them. Will you not show the recap??

  26. Does Sarris ever fail? ? great hit sarris

  27. echo sound … lmao

  28. I think Sarris was playing this in a toilet cubicle.

  29. The echo is real

  30. Lol PB thank god his attack was not as laggy as yours was haha could have went so wrong

  31. + Powerbang Gaming would love if you are going to upload the war with immoral thieves

  32. PB, you're internet connection sucks! Haha

  33. Ελα ρε μαννν…..Greek & Cyprus War Community…..Δυνατο παρον….

  34. I imagine Sarris sitting in an enormous Batcave-like enclosure in a wizard robe hunched over a tablet on a pedestal…

  35. Have you guys been experiecing lagg lately in Clash like there was in this vid with all the loading and stuff

  36. got me live… RIP nice hit Sarris

  37. clean raid sarris11….skilled one

  38. lol funny video???