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Live Attack #42

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  1. giants died by minions, good try man!

  2. I was thinking about this a bit throughout the day, and I think a golem would have solved the issue. The max giants were actually TOO good, meaning they broke through the wall too quickly, and this caused a ripple effect of timing issues since the compartment was cleared too quickly. Really the golem chilling there tanking till you were ready, then clearing bombs was all you needed, and the golemites would have tanked an inferno beam too. War being half strategy half timing, I think you had the strategy right and even your timing planned right, but the OP giants threw the plans timing off. My 2 cents, love your videos as always Bisectatron.

  3. great vid, like the planning part and prep before the attack, and also showing when things dont really go our way, we learn as much from our fails as we do from the 3 stars

  4. good job! it takes a lot to plan out your attack and then record it live for us. appreciate that

  5. Awesome video! Even if it wasn't 3 stars, nice raid! This video was perfect for my day home sick, #42,! If you don't know the significance of 42, I'd be more than happy to explain :)

  6. Maybe you could've used a mixture of Baby Dragon/Wizards to create the funnel on either side of where you wanted to enter the base and started the Queen charge a little closer to where you dropped the CC Giants; then she would've followed the Giants in and taken out the CC troops. Good plan though.

  7. Nice try man

  8. th 9 base build PLEASE

  9. u should have used a golem instead of the giants since ur using 2 freeze spells

  10. you let minions kill all your giants.

  11. lol that's a lot of words in Spanish

  12. (◣‿◢)