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Live Attack #45

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  1. Que bien videos!!!!! Me gusta tu voz muchisimo. Por que no tienes tu cara en tus videos mas? Cuantos anos tienes? Doce o algo, verdad?

  2. Dude, you said you weren't getting paid but you spelled out you doodle on the base lol look

  3. What army comp do you use to farm at Th10 ?

  4. it was nice attack dude..i hope see more live attacks for th9 (:

  5. really nice attack

  6. Can you show us air attacks on th10. I saw many haste+loons destroying inferno with good funneling – it would be great if you can explain step by step that type of attacks

  7. Hey bisectatron, try using skeleton spell for enemy Valks in cc

  8. You are awesome! Great vid. Congratulations on that first base. A good start on the second one.

  9. Are u guy in to do a video explaining what happened with the clan getting a 2 week ban just heard on the CWL video u guys had to forfeit the next 2 wars.

  10. Bisectatron, I have a question When to use 4 or 5 healers on the AQ please answer me thanks

  11. Keep rockin bro love the vids

  12. nice

  13. Great attack

  14. GG lol

  15. Do you have a video or thoughts on best th10 attack attacking up against max th11 in war for 2 stars? Against mostly anti 2 star ring style bases often.

  16. War attacks are more exciting but this is definitely fun.

  17. first

  18. Food video

  19. You are first +Stormaggedon

  20. First?