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Live Attack #78 Mass Witches

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  1. Now you can see how unbalanced these inferno's are…

  2. Nicee

  3. love live attack episodes

  4. to not suck so bad against townhall 10s lol. well said

  5. nice hocus pokus man

  6. two stars and got the scout done. What else can ya do not bad jake.

  7. Love the mass witches and also the ending was freaking hilarious ?

  8. Herro

  9. Mismatches getting fixed in the patch that's coming soon. I'm in a war now where we've got three TH8s, including myself, against a clan with all 9s and 10s.

  10. ha

  11. That looked fun… very expensive de comp though. xD

  12. haha loved the outtro

  13. LOL jake doing my best to not suck so bad against townhall 10s

  14. The ole mass witch trick love it ?woooo

  15. looool

  16. mass witches are always fun to watch

  17. Definitely a strange matchup for OH

  18. Why not use freeze spells? Those are available at th9 now jake

  19. Terrible matchup, haha fun raid to watch 🙂 Thanks for the upload !

  20. i dont think mass witch is great against multi infernos