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Live Attack #79

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  1. autopilot.Jake is a lame duck TH9…already voted out of office.

  2. Best series !!!

  3. Nice attack, lucky jake!

  4. sloppy but quick… just like i like it. lol

  5. Sucks watching this on a phone lol

  6. sometimes nice to see attacks on anti2 bases lol

  7. Jake's sloppy attacks: easy 3-star. My sloppy attacks: 70-something-percent 1-star.

  8. nice plan man

  9. Nice raid! Didn't run out of time this time!

  10. Nice attack

  11. :)

  12. "Sloppy, but quick".

  13. muy bueno

  14. Supper time

  15. Go full screen.Please just do it.

  16. lmao, extra 30 seconds in war means jake will always 3

  17. Looked sloppy cause there were too many valks not enough hogs, but it worked out.

  18. Nice attack, was a little worried but it ended up being ok :)

  19. I would have GoVaLoed the crap out of this base.

  20. Jake, which program do u use to mirror your iPhone on your computer?