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LIVE Attack By Me – Freeze Spell In Action In Th9 – GoLavaLoon Attack

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  1. i think that u must report this bug on supercell. is very orrible kings bug lol

  2. Brilliant attck gadihh!

  3. King was just giving you an early Christmas present lol.

  4. lol that king

  5. gadi why u are elder ?

  6. "that's all I wanted in life" lol

  7. Hi Gadi. I have been doing queen walk farming and to me it seems as if she deliberately ignores the jumps. She will rather walk 8 squares than take a jump to a structure 4 squares away. Didnt used to be like that. New glitch?! Anyone else suffering the same?

  8. That fail plan was funny lol

  9. retarded king!!! lol .. 🙂 .. nj man .. dimmilesso RH

  10. Lol … Nice video Gadi can't believe you got a 3 star.

  11. lol @ BK

  12. Dam bro wtf I can copy lol I will try again

  13. hahaha that was funny…but 3star anyways.nice nice.

  14. Ahahahahahahaha that kingggg WTF SUPERCELL

  15. I love u

  16. i know that u got the 3 stars anyway, but what if u used the freeze on the queen?

  17. Gadi hh can I join your clan my name is Beytullah Baytoz and I'm lvl 121 th10 please answer

  18. I like golaloon attacks but my wins are not consistent. I don't know what I did wrong. How I wish you could me

  19. gadi, frankly not a good attack, you were very lucky to get 3 stars…

  20. king on his period…lol!