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Live Attack Episode #83

If you caught the live attack from the stream on the EE war then you know I needed redemption. Do I get it or is this a no 3 star war for me? Hope you guys enjoy.


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  1. gz jake ;)

  2. Don't put both of your poison spells at one time… Wait a bit… A bit means: when the first spell lightens up & gets faster, then after 3-4 seconds put the second poison…

  3. lmao the voice he uses when he attacks. starting at 3:33 drop that KING, take that WIZARD OUT, one two THREE, one two THREE

  4. Emphatic Elite shout out to matty . Hope they win

  5. Hey i just made a new clan yesterday. It's call Elite Warriors. If u can't find it. Type #QPUUYJ8R. Would like some good war players to join here.

  6. That is such a shit base, the townhall should be surrounded more by defensive units ahah

  7. I need really good war clan I'm th 10.5

  8. This proves that a good plan can allow you to mess up 3 or 4 times and still wreck the base lol

  9. I know chief logan! I met him on global once and gave me tips on 8.5

  10. 2 poisons can take out a maxed out pekka, but you need to wait the full duration of both of the poisons

  11. Those poisons do take out a pekka but you needed 2 wait 3 more seconds

  12. nice vid jake!

  13. Awesome recovery Jake!

  14. Jake is better than chief pat

  15. Hi Jake,
    First off, congrats on the 100,000 viewers man! Very well deserved. I've been a sub for a long time and really glad to see you get recognized for all of your great work.
    C&C question: could you share your war expertise in what you look for when attacking a TH10? I know to look at infernos and pathing, air vs. ground, but sometimes struggle on the perfect troop composition. I know every base is different, so can you share what a basic scouting process should be in making a plan? thanks and cant wait to see you hit 1,000,000 subs!

  16. C&CQ. Jake we are currently in a war and the opposing clan has used 5 attacks for 0% percent. That attack is then followed by a 3 star. Is this a sure sign of modding?

  17. another th9 attack… boring

  18. please subscribe to my channel and comment on it and I will sub you back

  19. very good attack!

  20. Th9 3 stars are so easy now with the extra time added

  21. Shit , onehive lost this war

  22. I like when you explain your plan to handle the DGBs, Jake. Well done !

  23. When I use double poison I always wait until the ring of the first one starts to fade, then drop the second one. It takes a few more seconds but it always kills anything but a Golem/Hound.

  24. Whens the new Death of a town hall 10?

  25. I didn't think that was bad at all. You adjusted on the fly and and made it work even when you messed up, that's what it takes to be a truly skilled attacker, nice video jake way to get the 3 star.

  26. woooooooo …. nice attack jake.