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Live Attack Episode #86

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  1. 3:35 ??

  2. may be deploy king part a bit earlier? nt

  3. Wahaha you noob jake you are fucking nooob wtf 1 star wahaha noob

  4. Smh. Terrible planning, no offense intended just make a better plan and you wont have time problems.

  5. jake u n or powerbang should make a series where subscribers send in close 3 stars and u say wut they did wrong. i think that wud be cool

  6. 4 healers and 5 healers are the same, no need to waste 14 troop space.

  7. I believe if you had dropped your wbs closer to 6:00 the queen would've taken out the air defense earlier and it would've let your queen live.

  8. Nice try Jake. Not sure you needed to start with the minions? Harry Hindsight I know, but that's 13 seconds saved.

  9. What he is waiting for. The Air defence was pretty clear that it will attack the Healers. Man you plan hours and hours and them Boom Queen walk fail. the Golem and King attack can start right after cc. kill. And in the good old days ,we pulled the cc. But everybody makes it so complicated.

  10. Nice try jake! If you would of dropped your wb like 4-5walls to the left your queen would of walked in and shot the air defence alot quicker :D

  11. good job jack

  12. Hey guys. I made a new clan with my friend. It is called "Forever Fightin"
    Non rushed
    Good at 3 starring
    Must speak english
    Come check us out and see what u think
    Thx, Conor

  13. Maybe if you walked the queen straight to the compartment where she would eliminate all the potential double giant bombs you would've 3 starred it…

  14. I think that you should have accounted for storages in the way of the queen walk. You really don't want more than 2 storages in the way of the queen (At least the part of the queen walk before she reaches the cc because you can send in the ks if the cc is lured out). You can still do it with three, but any more than that is just too much for the queen to take out in the time of the attack.

  15. nice practice man
    BTW, can you please advise what is the war policy in your clan while one of your royals are upgraded. will you participate wars or wait till the royal is upgraded. thanks

  16. you could have dropped hogs on the ad that took your healers

  17. Nice try Jake, looks like you needed to deploy the cleanup crew earlier. I know the AQ got into a dicey situation so that makes it harder to finish in time.

  18. Is jake a full max th9 now?

  19. Pretty unlucky with the healers dying.

  20. GG

  21. Time fail hahaha

  22. hey jake nice attack. It makes me feel better about my game to see you come up short every now and then, so thanks for putting these out there for us. Sometimes with the war recaps and you saying how easy it is to get all the th 9s cleaned up can be disheartening when I fail in one of my attacks, but knowing that I am not alone is reassuring. Love the videos, keep it up!

  23. Nice attack man I also have a bad habit of starting kill squad too late on queen walks and I tend to stretch the qw too long and run out of time lol I have two 97%+ 2 stars last war lol

  24. When u do such long qws u need to start your ks parallel or you run out of time. Not easy to do tho

  25. "I needed maybe 15-20sec"….15-20 seconds, AFTER the 30second increase in time from past update?? the 30 seconds that was so hated on for making th9s easy??..It wasnt meant to be..

  26. Pro tip: double sets are always near the xbow


  28. What is the site to apply? (To alpha)

  29. wow! that base is from a clash with dart video on defending golaloon from over a year ago

  30. So important to get heroes up. You can do so much with high level heroes! Nice try Jake!

  31. Jake when are you going to make a vedio of vain glory again ….. You have stopped to make i think so….