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Live Attack Episode #87

My first attack in our random match up with House of El. Hope you guys enjoy the plan and the attack. Check out my Patreon page and help support the channel …


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  1. Solid attack. Very nice!

  2. Nice attack Jake.

  3. Awesome raid

  4. yikes that's a poopy base

  5. Jake how well does your base protect your de?


  7. Good luck v CS

  8. Been thinking of a way to accurately depict why modding is so wrong and I came up with this. Xmod/any form of modding is most simply put, a crutch. Here's an analogy for everyone: sure, the guy faking the ankle injury on crutches gets to leave class/work early everyday so he can get ahead of the rush, and maybe he gets away with it for a while. It's all fun and exciting to him at first because he thinks he's fooling everyone. But eventually, when people find out he forged his doctor's note and everyone is made aware of what he did, guess what happens then? Maybe it was all for shits and gigs, but even so most people will label him as loser who just wants to drive down easy street. There will probably be a few close friends that will stick by him, not caring what other people think, but all that will lead to is enabling more similar attitude and behavioral issues in the future. Now to be fair, it would be useful to attack and practice over and over again to perfect certain attack strategies and test new theories, but eventually you need to take off the mods and try it for real. The problem with modders is that they don't ever take the hacks off. They leave them on in real wars against fair play clans. That's just simply unfair. Put down the FUCKING CRUTCHES and play it straight like a man. Or woman. I don't want to offend anyone.

  9. Just got a govaho th9 3* earlier today too. I am a th10 but all my troops are th9 lvl and I was on the bottom of our th10s so it worked(we had an extra th10, and my clan's 9s need a fair bit of help). Was a pretty well upgraded anti 3* base.

  10. literally didn't need the rage or the second heal…this too easy for you?


  12. Jake you beast you! :D

  13. House of LLLLLLLLLLL

  14. 3:15 a big, little tesla farm?

  15. Awesome attack I'm planning on becoming a th9 soon and these attacks are helping me what to prepare for

  16. Talk about a bad base design .. Who would put all their teslas outside

  17. spoiler alert: EL won 82 to 80

  18. This is a great series Jake, thank you!

  19. I can't wait to see you raid as a th10, great video Jake.

  20. u make it look easy

  21. Jake with the fresh 3. Beautiful dude

  22. love the attacks man.. got yourself a new subscriber ?

  23. FairPlay base designing is taking a step back that base was horrible

  24. lol that's ??? from warcorps's base. I could've given you the traps if you wanted wink wink

  25. gotta love those fresh 3star hits

  26. fail (commenting b4 vid)

  27. nice attack man, that base was garbage

  28. Jake with the autopilot fresh 3*…plays it super cool, no big deal?

  29. You da man!

  30. "we gotta big little tesla farm" jake 2016

  31. Hey Jake. I know a lot of us are bothering you with this question but should us max TH9 jump to TH10? When are you planning on it if ever?

  32. Ccq if you do a war match up can you just keep matching up with the same clan over and over?


  34. LOL at 4:31 seconds!!! RUN MINION RUUUUUUN!!!

  35. I think Mrs. Jake OneHive did that fresh hit triple.?wooooooo

  36. Another one bites the dust! great song 😉
    Nice attack man!

  37. Yes been a while since the last live attack.

  38. sounded like a lazy Sunday porch swing attack Jake 🙂 So calm, loved it!

  39. Soooooooo does that mean instant rematch this weekend for you guys and House of EL? lol