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Live Attack Episode #89 The First TH10 Attack

My first TH10 live attack, and I try a GoVaHo with my shiny new troops. Hope you guys enjoy the TH10 3 star strategy and I think things will only get better going …


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  1. can i Join in your clash royale clan my name is TheLightbringer

  2. HOLY COW 35 queen already? lol

  3. Don't worry Jake. Two stars win wars.

  4. Already got maxed hogs, valks, 5 lvevls increment for queen, 2 for freeze, Mrs Jake is not happy with that

  5. What army comp is good to take out a th10 with a open base?

  6. welcome to th10

  7. Can't wait to see more th10 content!

  8. 2 really good position poisons could have possibly killed the drag I just watched it happen in PB's video killed it dropping the posions in the right places and died off from being in them too long.

  9. unlucky

  10. nice jake

  11. Valks are op now

  12. NT Jake.  Probably would have been best to use one hog to lure on a first hit…maybe?

  13. The exact same thing happened to me my last war. I earned my clan 1 star with 2 attacks. I expected a drag loon because of the poison nerf, but a hound came out and ruined my funnel, and then of course then the pups killed me valks. Second attack was after a bunch if other attacks from my clan, all the other bases in war had hounds so i expected one. What do you know, a dragloon comes out, kills my valks.

  14. It's really good to hear you excited and nervous and loud about clash again. It's been a while haha

  15. Did u gem ur Aq?

  16. A drink of water? Is the beer only for speeding through cleanup on recap attacks? 😉 Good shot at it man!

  17. I won't be seeing alot of th9 attacks I guess.

  18. Goddamnit how many gems did u spend to push all that stuff

  19. The title says "The first TH10 attack" and its not. That its why I have trust issues

  20. Shit attack man haha that's a dislike

  21. Cock is dead

  22. this make me want to go to th 10

  23. never seen jake so upbeat and excited for a plan lol

  24. gt jake

  25. new hogs and valks broke th10, so much for elite people being th10 three star specialist. anyone can do it now.