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Live Attack Episode #91

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  1. if you had that extra 30 seconds :-(

  2. Great attack!!! Long time subscriber, so it's awesome to see your progression through TH10, as I am going through a similar phase in the game (Hero lvls 22/30)

    I think using the Rage Spell w/ the CC kill would have sped it up.

    In similar attacks, I've had pretty good luck with 1 Haste and 1 Poison as my DE spells. The last update increased the first attack speed of the Valks; I've found that using the Haste to further increase their speed has helped tremendously. The Valks reach their first target even faster under Haste, then are able to attack quicker and get the first set of buildings just outside the core down even faster, leaving less time for Core Defenses to do damage. They don't get the damage buff, but with a pack of 10-12 Valks, I've found that they don't really need it to take out the buildings surrounding the core; only when they actually jump into the core and start dealing with the high HP core itself.

    Awesome job!

  3. Tu vas nous manquait énormément arno (wo) les Burdis PHOENIX ne t'oublierons jamais on t'aime ???

  4. that cc hound ruined it

  5. what clan would you recommend a 15/15 max th9 offence player?

  6. Hell of a scout attack. Had you known there was a hound, this attack would be been much different. Good job

  7. Little unlucky though:(

  8. Wow great attack!

  9. How does he draw on his screen like that?

  10. So close Jake…so close…

  11. Honestly I've seen and 3starred this base with just a simple mass valk attack. Eq the top or wb in the side then Eq to the core

  12. Love these videos Jake its beeeeeeeen a while!!!!

  13. NIce Try Jake

  14. nice attack so close (:

  15. Maybe if you had max heroes you would've three starred. Nice attack regardless.

  16. nt, Jake. Those valks are beast mode. I think if you hadn't pulled the cc might have been a different story – therein lies the challenge of the fresh hit. Keep up the great attacks.

  17. How do you join a onehive clan? I like how their war strategies seem but theyre all closed..I'm level 107 th9 with 15,17 heroes and maxed def

  18. For the TMV apps do you guys let people know of they aren't accepted as well?

  19. maybe you needed the extra 30 secs you once hated when you're still a th9?

  20. You can do that same attack ignoring the cc (I don't care what's in it with that strat), do the QW on the south corner, golem/bk on east corner and valks in through the southeast. It's an automatic 3 with tons of troops left and at least 45 seconds on the clock. I do it repeatedly.

  21. forget the freeze;) the valks dont need it. and the heal neither in the core.. more rage, they're just so quick its more efficient to rage than to freeze.. imo

  22. The Hogs were the mistake :3

  23. Nice plan Jake. Was a very solid effort.

  24. some advice for Jake you can do what you did with the giant with 1 or 2 barbs which is enough to let the wiz take the camp

  25. Hi everybody, I am looking for good war clan, I am new th10 with level 30 heroes.

  26. When do you think th10 will move away from their current anti 3 * base and move to an anti 3* base like we say at th9?

  27. Is there a reason you waited ten extra seconds to drop your valks?