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Live on War Day with OneHive Genesis #17

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  1. Ya can b my replacement 4 Jake?

  2. The live attack curse strikes again :P

  3. Hogs are not lasting as much with the all the defensive buffs. Even under Heal spells the hogs are still getting destroyed quicker than usual.

  4. yo dude good stuff as always.
    hoping to see some th10 war attacks mang

  5. lol all grounds attack failed . only air is sucess


  7. Love lavaloonion

  8. I wish when people do arranged wars, they agree on not using bowlers in th9 CC

  9. sehr nice! :)

  10. It's ok bro. We're not perfect to not fail. Gl on both clans!

  11. what's that NT?

  12. Hey I have recently discovered you chanel and have been watching a lot of you videos. All of you strategy guides and war replays are for th9 to th11. Could you make a few videos about th8 war strategy and base design. Thanks your videos are still interesting to watch anyway I've subscribed

  13. You're putting out the best clash content by a mile at the moment, thanks

  14. 9k subs woooooooooooooooo!

  15. Yo, I'm in WAS

  16. Good stuff again bro.. keep them coming … Peace!!

  17. Yajji: "Goddamnit Bisect, why'd you gotta make a video telling people to use troll teslas?"

  18. forgot to turn off notifications eh, lol nice video man

  19. First! Althouh it says there is a comment already, but when i open comments it is blank. Is that a bug?