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Live on War Day with OneHive Genesis #18

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  1. Talking to yourself @ Bisectatron?

  2. Nice vid!

  3. Aw man nice comentary on the live attacks. Reminded me of an episode of Jake's Ninja Live where he did the same, was fun to watch again :D

  4. just wondering why dont u just join main onehive abd start the videos there just like jake used to do ?
    am sure there are more skills and good attackers than sisters clans right ?

  5. Very impressive to be able to do commentary in the third person while attacking! Made me laugh too.

  6. are you learning spanish?? or you have the game in spanish just for fun?

  7. hilarious! thanks for the 3rd person viewpoint

  8. Nice job nice vid ?

  9. nice video bro

  10. Good job on your video any chance of a newer th9.5 base build? Plz

  11. Well i m trying also to make coc videos any tips?

  12. The first one is called the tailor… Easiest base to three star with goho

  13. sneaky live attack i like it

  14. Bro I would like to join your clan I am nearly max town hall 9

  15. Love your vids man! Keep making great content!

  16. That new fella bisectron didn't have a great debut..

  17. (y) 😛 :)

  18. th 9 base build please i really want one

  19. helllo

  20. 1st