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LIVE RAID: Th9 GoVaHo Planning & Execution [Mass Valkyrie Strategy & Tips]

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  1. what a number 69th vijewer

  2. Great video?

  3. No doubt SC will nerf valks.

  4. Nice raid 🙂 quick question, how did you know for sure your valkyries wouldn't hop in the top compartment with your first jump? Your plan was so they would go south, but there was a AA close to your first jump that could have lured your valkyries up there.

  5. can you make a deck for arena 6

  6. Valks are so OP right now. In my most recent war I got 6 stars on a govaho and a govalo. On both attacks I had tons of troops left, and on the govaho I ended up having 7-8 valks and almost 20 hogs at the end. Valks won't be this good for long, so really take advantage of them right now guys.

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