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Live War Raid #100 | TH10 Laloon – Could this be it? | Clash of Clans

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  1. I think you didnt need the freeze or second rage for aq. just hitting the ability wouldve taken down the inferno, although you might have needed the rage afterward to keep her alive until the end of the raid. couldve swagged the freeze though

  2. lot of my 3stars against th10 are slightly over the 3min mark. Without that 30sec lot of my 3stars wouldve been a 2 due to cleanup so would this attack. I hope the new update/troops have something good to offer to speed this process up. People are complaining about the witches nerf, AQ nerf etc but the only thing i care is that 30sec… going away.

  3. Matty, in order to tackle an inferno tower using queen healer strategy, u need to watch her health first. wait till it reaches half health, then place ur rage spell 1st, followed by its ability. once ability expire, then u freeze the inferno. by then, she would have targetted the inferno while in freeze.

  4. Matty ability first! Than you would have got a freze for the laloon left!

  5. You realize Matty you said in the update review video you welcomed many changes because as the game is now, th9's can do th10's and 11s… not the exact quote but something close to it.

    Now here you are, as a th10, trying to get a 3 star on a weak th10? Dude, I don't get where you are coming from. But again, if there's a way you can show a th9 like me how to get 2 stars from th10s or 11s, I'm all ears.

  6. grats … great feeling to 3 stars th10 base. still strugling as th10 or 9.5 .

  7. I think if you did a shattered entry with just a rage and a jump, from the queens side, you would've gotten the same value if not more, nice attack anyways man :D

  8. difference between jake an matty? matty self centered. jake clan centered. lels

  9. nice attack

  10. nice attack, too bad about the sound. What's with the clan?

  11. Th10 tripling is rough. I feel like crying lately. 1 little thing and it all goes wrong