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Live War Raid #102 | TH10 Max GoVaHo First Try in War | Clash of Clans

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  1. Era erm erm :)

  2. Nice!

  3. Freeze on backside inferno rather than the one you take down quickly? Also bowlers would've wrecked that base lmao

  4. Always like watching your uploads Matty. Thanks for a great channel.

    Forgive the constructive criticism – Most of my attacks fair worse than yours 🙂

    1/. At 2 min 24 sec left in your attack, the queen started beating on the wall because the gold storage to her left was 9 or 10 squares away. I think the rule is if a building is more than 8 squares away then she will ignore a building?

    2/. At 1 min 27 sec left, you were very busy understanding what was going on with the core but that was the moment your hog flank from NW should have gone down. They didn't go down for another 10 sec.

  5. not sure you needed a queen walk there. central compartment was too big for your kill squad.

  6. Queen field of view is 9 tiles, if theres nothing within 9 tiles outside but there is inside, she will shoot the wall, if neither inside or outside has a building within 9 tiles, she will walk to closest building. Keep in mind it is the amount of tiles from the building to HER LOCATION, not the amount of tiles she must walk to get there. Hope that helps, nice vid!

  7. greets from Brennerchen13, congrats??

  8. 3★ with rage for the KS
    the rage for the Queen was useless

  9. hey Matty, they reverted back the healer buff in the last patch 😉 love your videos, keep up the good work!

  10. Try some giants with valks, especially with singles, but seams they get more benefit from spells used with valks in core.

  11. Starts at 4:57

  12. Nice hit Matty, have you entered the $100 gift card contest on my channel yet? Just need to sub. Ends this month, good luck if you enter :)!

  13. max hogs and calls are not that op nothing but fails in war. However I was hitting near max th10s

  14. I think some Giants will be better…The Golems are too slow for the valkyries…

  15. Tt could be a 3* if you had put the rage on the Queen when she targeted the lava with a Minion in reinforcement instead Queen capacity.

  16. the valks where already dead when you dropped the heal. nice try

  17. Yeah remember the farming hits? You were raging the valks and they did pretty cool, didn't get much closer output from it.

  18. Hey matty , we would like to have you for a war or two in chips & salsa clan ( lvl 10 ) , hope to see u bro ?

  19. nice try matty, like it

  20. Hello Join Empire 7.0 this is A new clan for th 7s

  21. Lol didn't realise title was given already, guessed from last video actually! Lol

  22. I think it's gonna be a Govaho, hope it works out, gonna be fun checking out!