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Live War Raid #105 | TH9 Fresh Hit GoVaHo | Clash of Clans

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  1. Yo matty , would be lovely to have you in chips & salsa clan lvl 10 for a couple of wars ! Hope to see unthere soon ❗️❗️?

  2. Matty look up the clan All Nuts lvl 9

  3. German ;D

  4. The fun thing is i watched this cw from the other side first

  5. Very nice Attack Matty, it was a very nice war :)

  6. Matty, nice video first of all, it is very helpful for the not-so-great at war attacks to watch all your thought process and the attack itself. I would like to know how you record your videos directly from your tablet, as i would like to start making videos myself. I am not an english speaker, so if i havent made myself clear, please tell me. Keep up the good work and if you can, please upload more videos for us :)

  7. Who destroys the wall by the first jump?! And why ?!

  8. Cant believe you didnt drop that heal spell…if 2 hogs didnt survive then Only 2 stars…how can you be that risky just to be cool and having a swag spell..

  9. Kann Deutsch^^

  10. @clashing with matty are you joining the clash royale tournament tonight?