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Live War Raid #109 | TH10 GoVaHo Fresh Hit | Clash of Clans

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  1. GG matty

  2. That's crazy, I just hit(3 wars ago) the exact same base using almost the exact same army with the exact same strategy. Except this was TH9 v TH9, almost everything was the same excluding the extra towers at TH10. Very nice to see the hit live.

  3. lucky u had max heros…

  4. why did u leave emphatic?

  5. Nice attack m8! :D

  6. Do more th 9 war vids!!

  7. Maybe you should have saved one heal for your hogs

  8. What's up with the huge black edges?

  9. nice 1 matty awsome:)-

  10. good attack Matty