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Live War Raid #111 | TH10 GoVaHo | Clash of Clans

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  1. king down before Valks Matt, always. Maybe he saves one or two valks to a couple of spring traps.

  2. The combination of hitting giant bombs, loons dropped over the valks head, and the dragon were lethal. I think maybe if the cc was killed first before deploying the valks it might have been different. I'm pretty sure he upgraded his giant bombs as well.

  3. Lol not even close

  4. I do love this series!

  5. i feel like if you had held off on valks a bit and waited for the drag to die then used a heal shortly after the first jump you wouldve had it. great attempt and hopefully easy cleanup :)

  6. Am I the pnly pne that notices some annoying sound in the background?

  7. Maybe if u droped the earlier would saved the valks.. But nice try buddy, waiting for ur next content?

  8. 1st ^^

  9. :)