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Live War Raid #112 | TH9 Mass Valk | Clash of Clans

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  1. Maybe Join, "We Got the Funk" guys. We are a tight group of war guys and we left an old clan and started a lvl 5 clan. We do not accept rushed bases. Th8,9, or 10 welcome!!! Feel free to take a look. None of us are rushed. I'm Pooty, when you request, just mention Pooty sent you! Please it would mean a lot. Ps we love to war and love to win. We take our war strat serious. Thanks!

  2. Matty, the walls make a difference. Its much more difficult to 3 star with mass valks when dealing with lava walls. They will go thru lesser walls np, like the skulls in this atk, and the last atk you did.

  3. I know you are at DTS but what is the clan that you are going to stay at then?

  4. Mass valks are kinda boring

  5. For the watch , sorry jon snow LOL cant wait for s6
    Also matty why didnt you drop your queen with the main attack?

  6. woow .. nice attack matty ?

  7. valks op?

  8. Love the video Matty!