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Live War Raid #119 | AQ Walk Mass Valk | Clash of Clans

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  1. Noice

  2. You're getting bettah and bettah! WWWOWWWW

  3. Lmao Ben won't let ya record? btw, will you do any live attacks with other Pwc players? I'd love to hear Omar live?

  4. Finally maty oh great attack bro

  5. the raid was so clean that the most interesting bit was "quiet please"

  6. Haha 😀 Awesome raid xD Swag King …. xD

  7. would a max th9 have a chance of 3 starring that base matty?? looks like a terrible base

  8. Nice 3 star Matt! That is one of my favourite bases to hit in war if ever the opponent uses it!

  9. get rekt!!
    nice one Matty ?
    Keep going bro! hugs from France ??

  10. Awesome raid matty! :D

  11. booomm!

  12. I got it all the time.. forget half my troops or attack plan

  13. First

  14. Nice one matty!