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Live War Raid #123 | TH10 AQ Walk VaHo | Clash of Clans

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  1. What's the clan name could I join

  2. do more th9 live war raids matty!!

  3. that base looked like a solid laloon target tbh

  4. If that haste was a pzn..

  5. I think that you would have gotten the 3s if you dropped the Valks earlier, timing it as such that Valks reaches the core first to take out the enemy AQ and tank the inferno as soon as the hogs reaches the second Inferno… all these just before your AQ is in range of the inferno.

    Alternatively, that base looks like it's vulnerable against an army with Lava and loons.

  6. gt matty. I really think you needed to drop all of your hogs to get that inferno. but awesome try get back out there!!

  7. Nice attack matty, i think a rage instead of a speed could have the job done (srry if bad english)

  8. #TheCheaq v2

  9. Yes concentwation was key here. Good effort Matty!

  10. Bad luck……one more hit was required…or cud hve waited for queen to kill queen…

  11. PD Recaaaaaaap! and nice attack ?

  12. First :)