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Live War Raid #99 | TH9 Queen Charge Drag Raid | Clash of Clans

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  1. Nice try Matty!

  2. If you zapped that last AD and brought some extra loons you would've gotten the 3 stars! but nice try anyways man :)

  3. haha ^-^

  4. People send the dragons while the queen is still working on stuffs because of time, when you killed the second air def, you could have placed the drags up northwest to run alongside her and you could have tried to waste a little less time making a funnel for your queen, gt though

  5. Matty I'd personally have zapquaked the last ad as you had plenty of rages but not enough drags, and sending the bk was risky as you saw. Nice try though.

  6. EE seems to be dying

  7. should have just zap quake that 4th ad :)

  8. Hey Matty, glad to see that you're posting videos regularly since your announcement, and it actually seems you might be enjoying yorself more… at least it sorta sounds that way to me. Keep it up! :)

  9. SOLID EFFORT BUD! You'll perfect it with some practice! And yes, very nice to see you try a different strat! I'm currently trying to perfect queen walk into GoVaHo, time is my issue as well! ? but great vid, keep'em coming!!

  10. Gt Matty I find zap EQ one ad King and AQ on the other three seems to work best. Hind site is 20-20?

  11. Cool vid. Haven't used drags in a while. Nice change of pace.