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LIVE WAR RAIDS: Bowler + Miner + Clone (BOMICLO Strategy) Th11 Clash Of Clans

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  1. Hey Ash, can you start making baby dragon attack strategies? I can't seem to find a good use for them and I really want to use them effectively

  2. Put in cc barb (not arch!!!), wizard, golem

  3. Haha just home from work and being kicked?? Naughty ash plays clash while driving haha

  4. Good improvisation on that last one Ash

  5. should try the humidity here in south GA..brutal,nice vid by the way

  6. i want to join ur can u help me im th9 with 2600 tropies plz

  7. see my veideo

  8. The real heatwVe is coming ash. Summer is here. Hitting 98 here sat. Fkn hate humidity with a passion. The whole world should have ac lol

  9. One dis-i-like it

  10. Why are the servers down

  11. Ash ur my best utuber u know that this episode is from the best episodes that u made bec u made a live attacks i need more if u could plz :)

  12. youre retarded ash he asked you for a quake you give him a poison ?? Nice video by the way thumbs up :)

  13. Haha been clashing for too long ash lol that 3 star skills is out of this world!!!!

  14. Overkill strategy! And it's very amazing attack. Better then boring only valkyrie.
    Well done Ash :)

  15. Great vid! I wonder what the maintenance is about; anybody know?

  16. could you think that a wizard walk at TH7 would work ??? with 4 maxed out wizards in the CC troops and 3 heallers

  17. nice 6 star ash ?

  18. First

  19. it's confirmed guys ash will never make a coc video without mentioning bowlers and miners

  20. رابع??

  21. please subscribe for me

  22. Ash,coul you make video about how to get fast from arena 7 to 8???:-) :-)

  23. 5

  24. 10th

  25. Hi ash

  26. second

  27. first