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Live with OneHive #1 (Savage Ferdy) | Clash of Clans

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  1. Im loving all the content. Ever since Jake left, there is a hole in the content available to clashers. There are NO how to videos (except an occasional Snip.) i really like videos that address the why and the how. Base criteria for certain attacks and such. Ive considered putting together a list to reference attk style and base criteria and obtainable objectives. But, i digress. I really like the live attacks and the Twiddla sessions so ppl get a glimpse into the why that is behind the how. Keep it up man. Thanks.

  2. For the viewers: He absolutely rekt his next attack on a fresh base in this war. 🙂 GG, Ferdy!

  3. those loons on the morter took like 6sec to drop the bomb. NT. Savage