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Live with OneHive Episode #24 Snip Alumni

Another OneHiver steps to the plate to try a live 3 star for your viewing pleasure. Hope you guys enjoy the plan and the 3 star attempt. Check out my Patreon …


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  1. only change delay the king and let AQ get the hound an its a 3*

  2. Damn, nice try Snip.

  3. I think he could have fixed the air defense not going down while attacking by dropping his jump spell a little bit up so that it connected the CC compartment as well as the X-Bow compartment. Nice try though!

  4. Jake why don't you have something for the sides of the screen

  5. Glad to see that even in OneHive a plan can go to poop. Same exact thing happened to me in a war yesterday. On paper it looked like I would wreck a base. In reality it was only a 74% 1 star. One thing I hate about air attacks is if it goes well you get a 3. If one little thing happens you get a high percentage 1 star. NT man and thanks for the video

  6. Nice video.

  7. Love these videos <3

  8. Snip is awesome, but we want Megan..!

  9. Where is Megan?

  10. Yeah at 5:50 the king not taking down the AD cost him. In general sending the king and a few giants to take out the AQ and an AD is a little risky. You never know where the king will end up after he takes down the queen, and skeletons can screw the whole thing up also like they did here.

  11. healers almost walked in the beginning scary

  12. Well planned Snip, shame it didn't work out as planned. Exicution was good!

  13. My friend sent me a snapshot of the war and raiders won by a few stars. But it was an unfair war!!!!! And btw jake sorry about what happened at the start of the war

  14. I'm having a pain in my throat, so I have to drink this disgusting beverage. This made it more enjoyable! :D

  15. Who won the war? Reddit Raiders or OneHive?

  16. Snip Skateboards is so sexy

  17. 2nd again ?

  18. first first first :P