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Live with OneHive Episode #26 Snip Alumni

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  1. sloppy

  2. Jake, which app do you use to draw on clash ?

  3. Wow, that first base sucked! No offence DareDevil….

  4. DEFINITELY prefer the live commentary. Just my two cents.

  5. ThAt was sweet

  6. Great Attack snip! Well done as always, nice video jake!
    Can we have Megan next?
    Anyway, good job snip and jake!

  7. Hey dude i just see the icon of ur drawing tool. Here i have a nice aprils fool idea, hoping not too mansy people are readin thisg. What about bringing out an episode with an "x-mod screen". Just edit the typical "x" int the video at the edge of ur screen. Myabe tell them, u r recording from another device or something. I bet lots of people would start a shitstorm ??

  8. Hey Jake, please do some farming videos as a 10.. I don't know where to farm with which army.. Think that this would help some guys here :)

  9. Nice..

  10. Nice..

  11. So Jake, PB just went to TH10, do you think you'll maybe be getting more views as a TH9 war specialist?

  12. Wow we had a clan we fought in war openly admit in their description they modded.. This game needs to be fixed…

  13. Jake, can you get Cheetum for once?

  14. two wall breakers were placed at the same spot as the CC and another to the left.

  15. I love Snip Alumni's attacks, we warred him before he was in OH :)

  16. 100th like!

  17. Congratulations every subscriber of onehive, for you guys have subscribed a channel that is a legend ;)

  18. the thing with wall breakers seem to appear more often that it used to. dunno why but WB dont always go to the same spot even if you drop all of them at the same place. very crazy

  19. hwy jake can u do another how to hog video on the current state of clash of clans

  20. Wall breaker…they really need to improve their ai or change it completely! Really like Jake's idea…we should be able to click the wall breaker and than click on the wall! As it is now they are useless even on the first layer of wall…

  21. Glad to see you redeem yourself snip gj

  22. wonderful attack snip! Queen walking around definitely helped! ;)

  23. I want Megan.
    I want Megan.
    I want Megan.

  24. Live with OneHive <3

  25. ayyyyyyyyyy

  26. nice snip, like always

  27. Hi. ( sorry for bad english)

  28. i'm early :D

  29. the curse is breaking

  30. wow awesoem attack snip

  31. im early

    let me think of something awesome

    jakes videos

  32. love this series!