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LOOT INBOUND: IT’S BACK – Clash Without Collectors EP 33

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  1. Oops chrisplays7

  2. I'm in to I was chris_plays7

  3. Where is the quest for QUICKSCOPE?!?

  4. Lets go girls !! nice john

  5. Hi John just joined your clan clash name is Kye

  6. I joined your clan can you get on

  7. +johnhallet168 coc can you check my channel I wonder if you like it

  8. i get a star bonus i like ?great video yo

  9. heyy john

  10. Can u do more vids on this series

  11. Like the video for a star bonus

  12. Yea!!! Its back! So when is the Clash roayle all defence coming out! I made the idea;)

  13. Jaun cenaaa john whats ur fav mobile game

  14. How did you make your thumbnails

  15. Hiii John hallet

  16. Damn it was gonna be first but wasnt ready

  17. 2nd

  18. so funny