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Loot is ALMOST Back to Normal – Let’s Clash #150 (Day 278-279)

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  2. y do u put the same bids?

  3. gold league is really bad for th 8s they should be trying masters and above I find so much loot here in crystal – masters and I'm using gowipe to farm lol

  4. Brandon cant you uppgrade th to lv11? It would be alot of fun to see you farm another hero :)

  5. Hi Brandon when you max Brandon 3 will you level it up by donating like your main Brandon account?

  6. Brandon how long do u exactly take to find dead bases as u are still making profit and can u please make a video about yourself pls btw I'm a very big fan of you

  7. I've actually been finding a lot more loot in storages lately. Idk if it's because I've been playing more or what

  8. How do you think the loot is in the higher masters league like masters 2 and 1? Its been a few weeks since the update so i would like your input.

  9. hey Brandon, I have a question for you.. Why don't you go to th11 on Brandon3 yet? there is no new level of walls, so what are you waiting for exactly?
    everyone thumb this up so we know what he's thinking!!

  10. Will you be playing Clash Royale?

  11. how much time are you spend to find some1with loot?

  12. how much time are you spend to find some1with loot?

  13. nice loot brandon

  14. why dont you upgrade the defence buildings?

  15. to edit a video like, this 20min its okay

  16. I'm a th lvl 9, but I mostly only go for the th8 with around 200k of each. I use archers, barbs, giants and a healer, so is that able to take down a th9 base aswell or should I just stick with the th8 3 stars?

  17. Brandon, you dont understand the reason its been crazy loot lately is beacuse of the 1 day gem boost…

  18. congrats on lvl 100 :)

  19. WELCOME TO TURKEY !!! :)

  20. Th9 s go to crystal league there are so many dead bases there, I take about 5-10 mins to find one and in case you're wondering I'm at 2080 trophies when writing this comment

  21. Hi Brandon, i just want to ask you, if you could make a Q&A where multiple questions will be answered? Meow Army

  22. I find dead bases in gold 1 about 5m just keep searching and don't lose hope….#KeepCalmAndClashOn

  23. Brandon, it is a level 341 player, clashwithhaanz and a player lev 304 and a player lev 300 (this players is in clan: REQ NGTFO of lev 6)Wath you'll to do about it? please read this post and ple3ase call me Tanki.

  24. will you get Clash Royale?

  25. Brandon please answer this what has the pirate flag in coc got to do with the game their no ships

  26. we can see the farm are dead when brandon use all spells to farm a base ……

  27. Anyone else have recently quit the game?

  28. It would be cool if Brandon had an intro!

  29. How long deos it take to u to find bases

  30. sounded like he said bitch at 1:49??

  31. hello Brandon, my question is how would u farm if u where a th8 ? in which league will u farm ? plz I need a answer

  32. Fuck clash of clans, clash of royale is beast

  33. if you would sell your account , how much would it be?

  34. yes brandon i think the loot return to normal great vid btw

  35. queen healer raids are where its at. Almost impossible to fail once you get used to it

  36. Q: how much gold do you spent to find a dead base? and why dont you upgrade your barbarians or archers?

  37. Hey Brandon!!Why don't you use your old base?(DocChen uses it)


  39. Hey Brandon, what's your opinion on Clash Royale and will you play it.

  40. When did you start your YouTube channel and why

  41. Loot isn't that bad but elixir and gold is hard to find but ive been getting a lot of dark elixir raids in crystal 3 and 2 and in masters. The higher up u go the better loot is they tend to care more about trophies then loot

  42. love your video and check out my youtube channel name is kingxplayer

  43. Well nice but theree one proplem not everbody of us got level 35 archer queen my one is level 24 with old loot i were eble to tpgrade it onse within 9D now it takes 7464825462839969 houers to get it done

  44. Hey Brandon, I am a th10 maxed in defenses and troops with lvl 25 AQ lvl 20 BK and walls lvl 8 and 9 (50%). When do you think I should upgrade TH? I was thinking of getting each hero up 5 more lvls and upgrade as many walls as posible in the mean time and then go to th11.

  45. No need for dead bases… Learn to attack storage bases and get loot easily for then.

  46. where would u go for a brand new th 8

  47. why not you come india for trip?

  48. DO NOT be fooled by LOOT , IS GOOD ONLY FOR COLLECTORS Acceleration , YOUR stupid

  49. Will you test loot in champion league

  50. hey brandon please can u come to my clan when u will leave your clan for donating troops in other clans. My clan tag: #2CJRRO2U