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Low Hero GoHo vs POPULAR PCB base. UPDATE TH9 Fail and Clean HOGS. Clash of Clans

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  1. nice video 🙂 new subscriber! You got a great channel going here!

  2. Cast thanks for using me as an example as a very bad attack. Much love brother, glad I can help people learn and glad you can use me as an example of what not to do. Love the vid's keep um coming

  3. Nice to see a fail attack, because I've done those mistakes, so now I can do the same attack without mistakes. Awesome!

  4. I always feel like 2 golems and wizards isn't enough to deal with the CC and the heroes so I bring along pekkas/valks or witches, which makes me only use 15-20 hogs most of the time. Would you recommend doing this or do u really suggest u should bring only wizards to get the heroes and the cc down? Because that could result in a big failure if your golems are gone too quickly.

  5. Cast N' Blast, do you have any tips for my attacks?
    (the 2 newest videos)

  6. Your videos are great bro. Thanks for the knowledge

  7. Recommendations for the heroes before getting to the GoHo atacks?
    New sub, love your explanations.