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Low Hero GoVaHo. How to use Valkyrie + Hogs to 3 STAR Dead Space Bases. Clash of Clans TH9

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  1. thanks sir, but can u suggest some attacks without archer queen for most of d time she's on upgrade

  2. Thank you very much bro

  3. Nice video bro keep up the good work ??

  4. Now I know. Jump spell more worth than eq. Thank CnB. Youre the best. I hope you can make a live attack video :)

  5. your intro is too long.

  6. You should stream tonight

  7. they aren't VAY-kalyries, they're valkyries. so, it's go VAHHHHHHH ho, not go VAY ho

  8. Powerbang, shmowerbang…you have a much better way of describing the hows and whys of any attack. Glad I found you!

  9. AWESOME STUFF! Thanks for breaking down the fundamental stuff..wish I had your patience as soon as I press attack I go into fast forward x4

  10. Wow. You are the best among all coc attack strategy based youtubers. You deserve more… Thanks for teaching me a LOT

  11. Cast you dont have any th10 account? Im going to th10 in 6 days and I need a strong strat for war

  12. intro*(mistake in description)

  13. best youtuber, interesting and helping vid as allways. keep the good work!

  14. Nice strategy outlining and execution, keep it up CnB!

  15. Maybe another strat would be suicide dragons cast? I dunno maybe not, but good plan, and i will definitely try this out if i come across this base.

  16. First!