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LOW Hero GoVaHo. TH9 Valks & HOGS. Saving Blown Attacks. Anti 3 Star Base. Clash of Clans

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  1. hey cast one of my clan mates has an incredible th9 base and other th9 attacker and i cant seem to 3 star it i have even tried your laloon strat against have any tips against it?

  2. great video and commentary… i love govaho…and queenwalk-vaho…. the key in any successful attack is that funnel.

  3. beautiful video! learnt a lot

  4. Please checkout my channel guys :D

  5. thank u for this video,, i am clasher from indonesia. i got 3 star because your tutorial.

  6. Just subscribed and as always great attack man.. But do you have a content with one of the heroes still upgrading? I'm in the middle of a very close war this moment about 3more hours before it ends and my queen is not yet available . Any idea of a viable strat is much appreciated.. Tysm anyways I'm th9 20/19 royals

  7. You are Awesome

  8. Minies. Ha ha. Gotta use that one. But truthfully… I always take advantage of em whenever possible to make my funnel.

  9. good content bro !

  10. Does this work with high level heroes? i have 27/27 royals…

  11. great job :)

  12. first?