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Low Hero GoVaHo vs MAX POPULAR Dragon Flower. TH9 Valkyrie + Hogs. Clash of Clans

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  1. mind to subs me back?

  2. Hey man, big fan of your attacks..You are a real pro.. Now here is an idea, we have all seen the 3stars and successful attacks, why dont you show us some of your failed attacks? or do you never fail at war? Make sure you upload videos where you were serious about the attack,not some scout attacks or such.. hope you got me Sir.

  3. Nice video as always. Can you maybe make a bindle chat?

  4. DUDE! Thanks to your videos(just watched this before my attack) I just 3 starred my First difficult TH9.

    I'm unsubscribing from all the others clash "Power" gamers.

  5. haha nice attack! this war I tried using govaho with 1 cc golem, more valks, and more hogs on my 2nd acc (with lvl 4 valks and vl 5 hogs), it ended up that my account, as #5, took out enemy #2-3 with more ease than a 2 golem govaho would've! thanks :D

  6. what is the meaning of queen pop?

  7. can u do queen pop ring base pls

  8. Hey you help me learn so much and was wondering if you would consider a golaloon with low heroes video as I want ti learn it and from you I learn quickly.

  9. Have you changed your mind about the archer healer trick post the potentiation of valks? Since the hound no longer is as big a problem anymore…